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Music Academy Level

In the performance program, students learn harmonies, musicianship and how to perform in a show environment. Our shows will center on a theme and the students spend time digging into the repertoire of certain artists, styles and periods of Christian and worship music. Students will concentrate on learning to worship God and leading worship, either for themselves, a small group, youth group, a church, or an entire ministry. Instruction will include both the specifics of worship leading (song selection, transitions, music and personnel development, rehearsal techniques, the role of music and musicians in church life, finding and following God's anointing) and creating and performing praise and worship service. 

This program is for students who know the basics of how to play their instrument and are ready to advance. A Private Instructor approval and audition is required to take this program.

All student musicians enrolled in our performance level will receive: 

-Learning the basics of technique and music theory 
-Understanding the dynamics of playing in a group 
-Band rehearsals to prepare for the performance and/or praise and worship service. (weekly 1-hour training block where students are taught by Christian music industry professionals.) 
-Enhanced learning in key areas such as stage performance, harmonies, musicianship and more
-Performances throughout the year 
-Instruction on industry-standard recording software -Instruction in audio production 
-CD recording 
-Access to special member-only artist events, programs and workshops